All our eggs are produced by partner farmers, many of whom we have been working with for many years. Eggs are processed at our brand new, state-of-the-art Egg Innovation Centre, so you can be confident of where your eggs were laid, how they’ve been handled, and that they’re meeting the highest standards.

Free range principles

Our free range eggs are laid by happy, healthy birds. The hens are free to roam, with access to outdoor space on the farm. Free range eggs meet all the standards laid down by the British Egg Industry council, and it’s great to see high-welfare, free range eggs becoming a growing priority for consumers.

Our welfare

The care and welfare of our laying hens are of the utmost importance. We carry out our own welfare assessments and ensure the RSPCA assurance standards cover all aspects of our work. We are also conscious of our responsibilities to the environment: you’ll see that all our packaging is recyclable.

Our hens

Our expertise in the free range egg industry means we rear chicks to optimise welfare, robustness and egg quality. We continue to invest in infrastructure and support our farmers at every stage. Our consumers can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that our farmers are prioritising our hens’ wellbeing at all times.

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