Laid by the best hens

Range Farm eggs are produced by Stonegate, the country’s largest dedicated supplier of free range and organic eggs. For over 90 years, Stonegate have been collecting, packaging and distributing eggs throughout the UK. We only buy and sell eggs from Free Range and Organic certified hens, and are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. We work closely with over 170 independent producer farms, and are proud of our role in changing the landscape of free range and organic egg production in the UK.

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farm fresh eggs

Range Farm offers free range, Class A eggs, laid by the best hens. They meet the British Lion standards and are produced by experienced, loyal farmers with whom we have really positive working relationships.

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Liquid egg

Range Farm Liquid Egg products are produced from the same high quality free range eggs. Offered in Whole, Yolk and White varieties, these products are 100% pasteurised, ready to use, and ideal for the foodservice industry.

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